Stainless Steel

We will not be listing standard stainless steel work tables, due to high turnover. Please call us for our current inventory.

We also stock a variety of NEW stainless steel sinks, tables & equipment stands. Please call or email for pricing and availability!



Bevles Stainless Steel 24"W Transport Cabinet

Item# SS1407


46"L x 28"W All Stainless Steel Storage Cabinet, Serving Line, Table on Wheels

Item# SS1406

4 Available


72" Equipment Stand

Item #SS1405


48" x 24" Heavy Duty Square Leg Stainless Steel Tables

6 Available


Bakery Racks

$75 Each

Heavy Duty 3 Ft. Equipment Stand w/ Casters

Item #SS1402

Several Available


Enodis 62" Cafeteria Style Combination Hot & Cold Serving Counter

Item #SS1401


6 Ft. All Stainless Steel Table w/ Backsplash, Sidesplash & Drawer

Item #SS1400


Metro 40" Stainless Steel Transport Cabinet

Item# SS1397


88" Pot Rack

Item #SS1395


24" Stainless Steel Transport Cabinet

Item #SS1371


30" Wall Mount Stainless Steel Desk w/ Cabinet

Item #SS1363


50" Stainless Steel Wall Mount Washing Cabinet w/ Hose

Item #1362

2 Available


50" x 24" Stainless Steel Desk/Workstation

Item #SS1356


72" x 30" Poly Top Table

Item #SS1347


38" Oven Base w/ Sheet Pan Racks

Item #SS1258

Overall Dimensions 38 1/2"W x 40"D x 23"T


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